Step into


A beautifully designed Websummit booth that made use of AR to showcase the best Startups in Madeira and also allowed visitors to engage in a Walkable VR experience called "Step into Madeira" and explore 8 unique destinations of the islands within just 3 square meters!


For the 2019 edition of the Websummit we were summoned by the Region of Madeira to build a worthy booth that could showcase the amazing qualities of both the Madeira Region and all the amazing Startups that exist in the region.

Thus, we focused on creating a very eye-catching booth that could showcase the amazing diversity of the region in terms of landscape and at the same time shining some light to the startup scene that has grown in this region and of which our Dimmersions sister company is also part.

So it was clear from the get-go that we would need some very unique brand activations to call to the attention of a small region as Madeira in the biggest Technology convention in the world the Websummit.

Therefore, we built a Walkable and hands-free Virtual Reality experience that allowed visitors to explore 8 different locations of Madeira Island in just 3 square meters! To do that users had to walk in a straight line while the surroundings changed with their movement and then if they wanted to explore that location some more they could jump-up for a different experience. That way we were able to showcase three very different landscapes of Madeira (mountains, old city and pebble beach) as well as some radical experiences such as Downhill by bike, going down the road in the Monte basket sleds and entering Funchal by sea. To feed all that content within our app we did 360 Stereoscopic recordings with Spatial Audio all over the island and then optimized it for use within the Oculus Quest.

At the same time we also built a web-AR app accessible via a simple URL that allowed for users to scan the logos within the booth and know everything about each startup represented there.

Aside from all the development we also design the entire booth to be bright and colorful with 3 cloud-controlled dynamic led screens that allowed for real-time control (and upload) of all the content presented there which was essential in allowing for multiple startups to present their products and solutions on a schedule basis and thus doing a time-limited "booth take-over" as well as allowing enough versatility and space to do "happy-hours" and host small parties to showcase Madeira's own products.

The booth performed beautifully and the VR activation attracted lots of visitors (some of them quite famous) that had a very fun time walking, jumping and exploring Madeira Island.


  • 01. Web-Development
  • 02. VR & AR
  • 03. Booth Design